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How to set up ios target using Unity resolver

Currenlty I am using some iOS Native Sdks using Unity resolver and Cocopods There were one requeiments after build from unity edtor , it should set antoher iOS target not app’s target Firebase and Adsmob’s native sdk modules are composed by Unity Resolver The module’s target can be found in the API below, as shown in the unity resolver guide. However, the order must be It should be between 40 and 50   https://github.com/googlesamples/unity-jar-resolver

Data Collection and Storage apple iOS inapp review

I will write logs how to pass iOS in app review from Guideline 5.1.1(v) - Data Collection and Storage case I currently work for is sensitive to data collection and storage because it is an app targeting Kids apps Espacailly even it’s kids app, if we have a ads module or any third parties data collecion module, it might be reject by app review In Firebase, we can enable the Analytics without IDFA (device advertising identifier) ​​collection I successfully submitted my review using this option! h…

Unity AVpro HLS Streaming playback with some events

I make an app using unity to support HLS Streaming Playback with Avpro plugin in company It was very useful and avpro provided good events to make some UI features E.g Callback called when seek operation is start or finish   In addition, various player-related Event Callback APIs are provided. https://www.renderheads.com/content/docs/AVProVideo/articles/feature-events.html

unityads UnityMonetizaion h header not found

I am using google mediaion for monetization for app in company, Recently I have new requirment to add new ads network for Unity Ads network Like a normal ads network, I just intergated adpater sdk and enabled for unity ads in Unity Editor but when build from xcode met a build error about UnityMonetizaion h header not found problem It has to install another unity package which is iOS 14 Advertising Support package not normall unity ads package.. detail below https://github.com/googleads/googlead…

How to use Unity iOS Framework to XCFramework

Good posting below link https://qiita.com/mao_/items/9874c1efa280ed4bb399

How to test AR Foundation sample

Hi There, Today I am going to share how to test ARfoundation sample code by unity AR Foundation enables you to create multi-platform augmented reality (AR) apps with Unity and it can use All AR features of each platform can be used with one code iOS ARKit and Google AR Core Detail below link https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/com.unity.xr.arfoundation@5.0/manual/index.html First you can clone AR foundation sample code from github https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/arfoundation-samples Secondl…

How to solve the issue where the text is broken on the Unity packagemanager system Windows in mac os ventura 13

After updated mac os to ventura,13 version some texts in unity packagemanager system broken it is an unity editor issue from updates in ventura solution is just update to fixed version 2020.3.43f1 Download link here https://unity.com/releases/editor/whats-new/2020.3.43 Related to unity issue ticket https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/text-is-replaced-with-white-squares-when-opening-package-manager It can solve with workaround way below but it would be better use fixed unity editor workaroun…

Firebase analytics without collecting IDFA information Using Unity

In iOS 14.5, Apple requires developers to track users via the App Tracking Transparency framework or obtain permission to access a device’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA) See Apple’s User Privacy and Data Usage and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency documents for more information! https://developer.apple.com/app-store/user-privacy-and-data-use/ Among the Firebase services, the Analytics service may be affected by the above policies https://firebase.google.com/docs/ios/supporting-ios-14#affected-f…

using memoryadresses from more than 16gb of memory from unity

Someday CS Team reported the app cranh issue from customer with crash logs using memoryadresses from more than 16gb of memory from unity after figure out , it is an unity bug like below https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/android-il2cpp-empty-project-crashes-on-launch-with-using-memoryadresses-from-more-than-16gb-of-memory-messages Let’s use latest lts unity versions, for me I fixed the bug using 2020.3.15f2 version

How to set up for android icons using unity

Today I am going to share my ideas to set android app icons using Unity Edtior Look at the Unity Edtior setting window below PlayerSettings -> Player -> Android Tab -> Icon you can see how to set your app icons There are three warys to set android app icons normally Adaptive Icon Round Legacy Simply Adaptive icon is Adaptive launcher icon to show various formats from various devices and can support more than android 8.0 os,api level 26 and round icon is can support circle format’s icon from an…

photon 2 and unity made a simple fps game

I made a simple fps game using photon 2 service and unity https://github.com/superbderrick/SummerFPS

GADInvalidInitializationException The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized without an application ID

When you try build with google admob for iOS Build after install Google Admob unity plugin, if you met a build error with below message and even after setup GADApplicationIdentifier ID value in plist “GADInvalidInitializationException: The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized without an application ID” you have to setup GADIsAdManagerApp value Manually adding Plist values ​​to each Unity build is bad for productivity. If you use the OnPostProcessBuild API provided by Unity, you can set a value…

Black screen error on iOS device after setup for basic ar foundation

After basic setup for AR foundation from above official doc, It occured black screen with error message below How to solve Move Unity -> Edit -> Project settings Do check plugin provider like below image from unity forum https://forum.unity.com/threads/black-screen.885844/

Solved "PurchaseResponse.RequestStatus.FAILED", While amazon IAP Live test environment

현재 근무하고 있는 회사에서 아마존 결제 라이브러리를 활용해 유니티플러그인을 개발 중입니다 아마존에서 제공하는 IAP 결제 라이브러리를 내부에서 개발한 라이브러리와 결합해서 AAR Format의 통합 라이브러리를 만들었습니다 실제 개발을 완료하고 Test하는 과정에서 기이한 현상이있어 기록으로 남깁니다 아마존 IAP Test 환경 같은 경우에는 크게 3가지 단계로 Test할수있습니다 Sandbox test Live app testing(LAT) 배포 https://developer.amazon.com/docs/in-app-purchasing/iap-testing-overview.html Sendbox Test 환경에서는 문제없이 잘 작동했는데요, 같은 버전으로 2(LAT) Test 환경에서 결제를 시도하니 계속하여 “PurchaseResponse.RequestStatus.FAILED” Error case가 발생하면서 결제가 정상적으로 작동하지 않았어요 https://develope…

Unity Share text or image on social services with Native Share Plugin

Hi There! Today I am going to introduce how to share text or image to each social services while we developing our services with Unity There is very useful plugin ,UnityNativeShare you can download the plugin from their Github release page or can download from unity asset store for free When I tried to test the asset, I downloaded via asset store and imported asset files Look their sample code , It’s very easy and simple :) The sample code is very easy, When you press the sample button, a dialo…